Long-term experience of the medical staff, unique equipment and clearly organized operation of all departments account for the high quality of medical care for patients in the National Medical Research Center for Endocrinology.

Advantages of examination and treatment in the Center:
1. Advanced diagnostic methods of all endocrine diseases
2. Full-scale assistance at one institution, "under the same roof": lab, instrumental and genetic diagnostics, therapeutic treatment, surgery, rehabilitation
3. Express diagnostics (2-3 hours) of all common endocrine diseases
4. Successive monitoring of patients from childhood to elder age.
5. Treatment according to international and national protocols for pre-registration clinical trials of new drugs.

Services provided in our Center:
1. Consultation of an endocrinologist, diabetologist, neuroendocrinologist, nutritionist, endocrine surgeon, gynecologist-endocrinologist
2. Consultation of a pediatric endocrinologist
3. Diagnostics and treatment of adults and children with thyroid and parathyroid gland diseases, including:
• Scintigraphy and radionuclide diagnostic and treatment methods
• Ultrasound with an expert-level elastography
• Fine-needle aspiration biopsy of nodule formations and cytological study of the biopsied material
• Thyroidectomy / Hemithyroidectomy / Parathyroidectomy
4. Diabetes mellitus diagnostics and treatment in adults and children, screening for diabetes complications
5. Genetic diagnostics of monogenic rare forms of Diabetes mellitus|
6. Installation and monitoring of insulin pumps in children and adults
7. Diagnostics and treatment of obesity in children and adults, including:
• Elimination of endocrine nature of obesity
• Nutritionist consultation
• Developing an individual weight loss plan
• Bio-impedancemetry, Total Body – identifying body composition
• Colorimetry – identifying energy exchange at rest
8. Diagnostics and treatment of osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases:
• X-ray densitometry (measuring bone mineral density, trabecular bone score)
• Evaluating bone metabolism and disorders of phosphorus and calcium metabolism
• Assigning an osteoporosis treatment and monitoring the effectiveness of all its types
9. Neuroendocrine pathology in children and adults, including:
• MRI and expert-level MSCT
• Full range of hormonal and functional assays
• Multi-class steroid hormone screening
• Selective inferior petrosal sinus sampling and adrenal veins blood sampling
• Neurosurgical treatment of pituitary adenomas
• Surgical treatment of adrenal neoplasms
10. Diagnostics and treatment of growth and puberty disorders in children:
• X-ray imaging of hands and wrist joints for identifying bone age
• Functional testing
11. Radionuclide diagnostic and treatment methods of endocrine diseases
12. Surgical treatment of sex development disorders in children, including feminizing surgery in congenital adrenal cortex dysfunction, masculinization surgery.
13. Diagnostics and treatment of children with congenital hyperinsulinism and hypoglycemia
14. Diagnostics and treatment of rare endocrine diseases, including those as a part of syndrome
15. Molecular genetic diagnostics of endocrine diseases

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